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Half Moon Bay
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Guest Star

Guest Star

He told me time will tell you so

when it is time for you to know

I'm not everything I'm supposed to be

so quick to jump at the first chance

when I should take a second glance

He told me there will come a day

the sun will set in half moon bay

when I look into your eyes I see

so many things inside of you

inside of me

I see someone

someone I know

not just an actor in a show

He told me at my curtain call

the wind will blow the rain will fall

If my ship should sail

just one more time

you know the captain

will be counting on his crew

someone will be calling upon you

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Other Songs

Music has always touched me deeply and helped me thru some pretty tough times

There's a story behind every song though you may have to 'read between the lines'

I'd love to hear your words...


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